It’s pretty tough to think about, but the Lower Price Hill neighborhood represents the lowest average life expectancy of any neighborhood in Cincinnati. In fact, recent data shows that our neighbors live nearly 20 years less than residents of nearby, higher-income communities. This is, in part, due to decades of environmental injustice and disinvestment in local food systems, healthcare, and related resources. According to the Cincinnati Health Department, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death.

We know that making restorative foods accessible within the LPH Community Gardens is a critical part of changing this narrative. Luckily, our neighborhood gardeners love to cook together whenever given the chance, and they were all looking forward to tonight’s Heart-Healthy Cooking Workshop.

Pepper and squash harvests have been bountiful, so grilled chicken and vegetable kabobs were a perfect recipe to prepare–and then share–with the group.

We also used this opportunity for neighbors to share their favorite healthy recipes that utilize produce grown in the gardens. Next week, copies of the recipe cards collected will be available for other neighbors to pick up in our community food pantry and neighborhood grocery store!