Seasons Come and Seasons Go

So far this garden season has been a great success! All my participants have really enjoyed the class and have really learned a lot of knowledge through the journey. Coming from the veterinary field, I didn’t know a lot about gardening, and with this program, I have been able to learn with my participants. It’s been an absolute joy to learn beside my participants and they help me with things I didn’t know.

But now the cooler weather is starting to move in, and fall is right around the corner. As you can see Miss Tilly is glad the hot weather is moving out. The vegetables are starting to dwindle down in production. The Canning season is almost over. Now the garden clean-up will shortly begin. Then they will have a short break and will start all over next year.

We will have a special guest join us at our next meeting. Mark Walden will be joining us to teach our participants about low tunnels and the assistance they bring to your garden. They will each get their own low tunnel. How exciting is that! It will be very interesting to see them return next year to hear their stories on how it went for them.

At our last meeting, we learned about food preservation and that was a blast for them! After the lesson, we had a couple of raffles for different types of pickling spices. I think their favorite item they received was the Ball book to preserving. They will put it to good use. Some already have put the book to work.

Hopefully in October as we finish the season out with our big graduation party we can discuss and learn a little bit about what to do with cleaning out the garden and getting it ready for next season and what we need to do to the soil.