Harvests are coming in strong, and people are busy canning, freezing, and dehydrating
food for the coming cool months. People have put away the traditional veggies like corn,
peas, beans, but are also putting away soup, slaw, chili makings, salsa, and even pesto.
I think we’re going to have a tasty fall and winter!!

Gardeners are saving potatoes and different varieties of squash- acorn, butternut,
spaghetti, etc. for the winter; they leave a fair amount of stem on, and then store in a
dark, cool place, as you would potatoes.

People are also looking at cool weather crops already, and next month we’ll be doing a
workshop on how to grow greensand other veggies so that people have fresh produce throughout the
winter, just utilizing things they already have in and around the house; some of our
gardeners already practice some of these ideas.

People have been doing a lot of sharing this year with family and friends so that
almost everyone has had access to fresh produce enough this summer to do a bit of
canning and freezing; I know I put away 12 pints of hot peppers for chili plus canned 12
jars of salsa thanks to people who shared produce with me.

Next items to harvest: hopefully huge pumpkins for tons of pumpkin pies over the