Over the last month, Kentucky has been through a lot with all the flooding in Eastern Kentucky.  While the rain has been good for the crops this year, people have lost their livelihoods, homes, and lives.  As we have watched the stories unfold through social media and the news outlets, the pictures cannot even begin to do the devastation justice.  So much aftermath to think about how people, towns, and communities will rebuild their lives.  While we did not have as much flooding in Martin County as in previous years, we did have a few of our gardeners lose their gardens to the flash flooding.  When many saw the waters rising, they rushed to try to save what they could save.  Our hearts go out to all those suffering as of now.  One thing is to be said, we are Appalachia Strong.  We are resilient and will overcome.  The last few years have been hard for our area but we are continuing to push forward with our program with Grow Appalachia.  Many of these photos are proof and witness to the determination our participants have.  Their faces say it all.  The smiles they have while taking care of their bounty are enough for sure.  And as our featured photo states, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.