Raised beds all around the Lower Price Hill neighborhood are overflowing with crops ready for harvest!

That abundance, coupled with the warm summer sun, recently brought a small group of our resident gardeners together to plan a community meal. Of course, that’s not really a surprise. Community meals are synonymous with Lower Price Hill. Our neighbors plan several community-wide meals each year. These meals provide an opportunity to have fun, feast, and check in with one another.

The latest event, entitled Art and Soul Jam, was held this past Saturday and included a display of local art, open mic style performances, and a soul food feast prepared by various neighbors. One of our neighbors, Felicia, is known for her greens, so naturally, that was what she signed up to make for the event.

Felicia sourced her main ingredient from the LPH Community Gardens plot across the street from her apartment. However, you might be surprised to find out what leafy vegetable was in these greens. Felicia’s greens contain no collards! She actually prefers the tenderness of kale, which doesn’t need to be cooked as long and maintains a brighter green color. Add in some turkey butts and a blend of top secret seasonings, and while somewhat nontraditional, our neighbors ate every last bit of Felicia’s delicious greens.