Normally we are fighting the different types of bugs and diseases this time of the year but instead, we seem to have made mother nature mad in our neck of the woods, and now she’s giving us the wind and heavy rains with some spots of flooding. It’s been a struggle for our gardeners this past month. But I love their dedication and hard work. They have gotten a lot of produce out of the garden despite all the rain we have gotten.

At our last meeting, our participants were having a surplus of summer squash. They had given out some to family and friends and still had a bunch left over. So, as we did our heart-healthy cooking class they all got a healthy recipe for Squash Supreme. Let’s just say they went crazy over it!! They were all so excited to go home and make their squash dish for their loved ones.

The green beans are in full swing, and the corn and tomatoes are coming in despite the weather. We have some participants trying some old-time ways of preserving green beans. Some people know them as leather britches or shuck beans. It’s where they string the green beans on some thread and they dry out then you can cook them down and eat them. They are my personal favorite!

With all the Green beans coming in one of our farmers had to recruit one of our favorite  helpers to help out in the garden with harvesting. We also have some corn being stored and put away for the winter to come. 

We are all excited about our next meeting which is next week. They will be learning about all the different types of canning and preserving and how long the food will last. It’s so nice to see them put their hard work up and to be able to take care of their family with fresh produce during the winter months.