This was one of our best attended and most fun workshops yet! We owe it all to the Bell County Cooperative Extension Service Agents. Rebecca Miller, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Christina Horton, Program Assistant, set us up, in addition to learning Preservation Safety proceeedures, to make Strawberry Freezer Jam and some amazing canned Salsa.

As you can see in the pictures each table was set up to make 6 pint jars of the freezer jam. You can also see in the pictures that everyone joined in the process of making it.  The kids got to help too even if it was just to eat the strawberries. The reward for their efforts was to be able  take a jar of jam home. The workshop went a little long so after finishing the jam most people had left the kitchen area. Their next stop was to go pick up the equipment we were providing. A few people stayed to learn how to make salsa then how to properly use the water-bath canning process.

The distribution was primarily 2 main items. A 2 wheel barrow/cart that is very handy in the garden and the organic fertilizer that we get from the Berea Grow Appalachia program. Everyone really appreciated them and the additional preservation items they recieved. i.e. canning lids, rings, jars, and vacuum sealer bags.

It is hard to believe that there are only 2 more blogs to write befor the season is over.