Wow!  It seems to have been a great growing season for many of our Grow Appalachia participants.  We hear stories daily of how good their garden is doing and see pictures of them reaping the benefits of all their hard work.  We find great joy in knowing this program has given many people opportunities they might not have had otherwise.  Many have attended canning classes here and have learned so much valuable information since some have never canned their own food before.  Many have learned new techniques for growing their food and preventing pests and insects all in an organic way.  Some of our participants have begun selling their produce at our Farmers’ Market and seeing that aspect of gardening.

This year we also love seeing the kiddos involved in the gardening aspect.  We also love they have added a fun aspect to it.  Life is too short to be so serious.

While we have held 2 canning classes this year so far, we have also supplied our participants with canning jars for their canning needs.  We are looking into the Fall gardening and items for that purpose.  Here we are in the middle of July and school will soon be back in session and Fall will arrive in all of its glory.  This will bring new garden goodness but will also bring to close our season for 2022.  For now, we are all enjoying the wonderful sites, smells,

and tastes of what the garden is bringing forth for us.



“Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce.