Recently I was asked if any of our past gardeners still garden after leaving the program. I had never been asked this and in that moment, it occurred to me what an important question it was. I stumbled with it a bit at first but finally just nodded and said… oh yeah, they garden!!

In fact, we’ve kept in touch. Here’s a few brief updates with current photos from our 1st crop of gardeners. All are former program members from 2020 and 2021.

Bill and Paula – 1st year growing on contract for Baker Creek seeds – added chickens – doubled their personal vegetable production – added drip & fertigation – added freeze dryer to preservation tools – played a role in promoting and adding a city bus stop for the farmer’s market.

Heather – Currently enrolled in beekeeping classes – added chickens and fowl – now using commercial ground cover and expanded trellising – avid food preservation practice – establishing perennials

Traci & Bill – Former restaurant owners and chefs – practices excellence in mulching and their space continues to season into a neat expression of their creativity – they are establishing perennials.

Cheryl – Grows a lot and feeds many – added chickens, fowl, rabbits and pigs – previous farm property continues to be revitalized and beautified – routinely preserves and process own food – is establishing perennials – avid mulcher