Finally, after a lot of hard work, my participants are finally getting produce out of their gardens. It makes me so happy to see their hard work and dedication is paying off for them. The past couple of weeks has pushed them though. With the heat waves and dry spells along with windstorms and random popup Thunderstorms, we have had. Even with the plants looking like they weren’t any hope. They bounced right back. As you can see one of our participants had their helper back out with her. She called her the branch manager, and she looks to be doing a good job at it. I’m so glad no one lost any plants and they all bounced back!

At our June meeting, we got the pleasure to meet Candice and Mark from Grow Appalachia. It was such a joy to meet with them and take them to a couple of our Participant’s farms. They also were able to stay for our meeting that evening. I was very happy to have them and let our participants meet them and speak to them about their gardens. I think our participants were happy to see some new faces besides Brains and my face.

Throughout the month I have been making a lot of farm visits and seeing all of everyone’s hard work. Over the next couple of months, I will still be going out trying to see everyone’s gardens. We have discovered a couple of problems some participants have had and now they are working to get them fixed or just keep a watch on their gardens.

Now our participants are getting something about every night out of their gardens. They have been great to share their finding with the other group members. It is so nice to see the friendships forming within the group and a small little garden family forming.