It was with great honor and pride that we hosted Faye Adams-Eaton and Mark Walden, from Grow Appalachia , at our humble establishment. We were able to show them our gardens, greenhouses, and high tunnel here at the Settlement before heading out to visit our gardeners. Mark had visited us previously but this was Faye’s first time to this area. All of us had a grand time together visiting the gardeners & gardens then shared lunch before sending them off to their next adventure. Thanks Faye and Mark for your inspiration!

Three of our gardens, we are to visit, are cared for by people who work at the Settlement so we chatted with them at their work stations then went out to see their gardens. We were not sure about this course of action but it worked out really well. There were 3 more gardens yet to visit, one the gardener was home and the other 2 were not. All in all it was a good site seeing trip.

On one of the chats we learned about Candied Jalapenos or Cowboy Candy. I will post the recipe she uses, (there are several variations online), she doubles the recipe each time she makes it. I personally have not gotten to try them yet but I will soon! Still waiting patiently for my jalapenos to ripen. It would help if we got some rain. Anyone know a good rain dance?

Candied Jalapenos / Cowboy Candy Recipe link

What does cowboy candy taste like?

It’s a wonderful mix of sweet and heat.

A Few Ways to serve Candied Jalapeños:

As an appetizer with cream cheese, goat cheese or any other of your favorite cheeses. On burgers and Hot Dogs. Add to Avocado Egg Salad, chicken or tuna salad. Chop and add to 1000 Island Dressing for a spicy kick for salads or for as dip.