This spring as we’ve started new gardens and restarted workshops, I’ve noticed an
interesting trend among gardeners: helping one another out.

A couple of gardeners were ready to throw in the towel when work, health or age
intervened, but other gardeners stepped in and planted their gardens for them. Some
were unable to make it to the plant and seed pickups, so other gardeners stepped in to
pick things up for them. A couple make sure that they report for gardeners who don’t
have internet. Today I received a call from someone asking if they could attend
Saturday’s workshop in the place of someone who is ill.

Our gardeners are also assisting those gardeners who can no longer garden even with
help by donating excess produce and eggs that we can hand out to those gardeners
without a garden so that they will continue to have access to fresh produce.

Big Ugly gardeners are neither big nor ugly, but they are some of the best people I