When I first started this job, about nine years ago, I knew a few things about gardening; my father and
my husband always had a large garden, and we canned and froze corn and other vegetables.
My father planted according to the signs from the almanac, these are called Zodiac signs, and we
followed these signs the way his father taught him. My mother also canned and froze food the same
way every summer.

I was surprised how many of our gardeners do the same thing, but back several years ago they were
all taught to plant by the signs of the moon. Some would purchase the Farmer’s Almanac or get a
calendar to go by. I use the calendar to go by because I know nothing about the Almanac, but
Buck goes by the Almanac.

On May 26, approximately 12 people came to a workshop, with Dana Wright from the Logan WVU Ext
Office giving some information on canning and freezing. She demonstrated a pressure canner, and how
to use one. She also had some literature and pamphlets for them to take and read. They asked her
questions, and she gave them lot of information. She also explained to keep the jars clean and free of
anything on the jars. She told them the more they can, they will learn something new each time.
When all the vegetables come in, we will have Dana back for a couple of sessions and she will
Instruct the hands-on, just the way she did a couple of years ago. That time we had three canning
classes, and we canned peppers, made salsa and jelly.