From watercolor painting to upcycled art projects and street art, the creativity of neighbors has always been present within our community gardens. In March, alongside our neighbors, we opened Outerspace, just down the street from the gardens, to serve as a much-anticipated, creative community hub.

This new space inspired staff and neighbors to host Lower Price Hill’s first-ever Plant Sale & Art Show!

Neighbors like Kachelle and Marisha prepared for months. They helped plant, water, and tend to additional seedlings throughout the spring. Then, they learned to divide and repot both houseplants and vegetable plants.

The event was held on Saturday, May 28th, and in addition to plants, neighbors displayed nature-themed artwork and crafts. Youth artists, Jazzy and Lydia, sold more than half of everything they had in the show.

While LPH Community Gardens didn’t make a ton of money, we were able to offset some of our annual supply costs, collaborate with our creative neighbors, use the sale as a catalyst for teaching neighbors more about growing independently, and share a bit of the gardens we love with friends from outside of the neighborhood. A success!