It is good to see our gardens growing, not so good when the weeds are trying to take over though. We know that with a little time and perserverence, we will overcome the weeds. Before we know it we will be reaping the rewards of our efforts. I have had my own personal battle with a almost a whole high tunnel full of weeds. They were growing faster then I could knock them down. It was in a lesson on being careful were your dirt comes from and thinking you had killed off weed seed before applying it to your garden. Lesson learned. It is great soil though. Where I have plants grwoing they are doing great.

I personally am looking forward to cucumbers picked and eated the same day. You can’t get it any fresher than that. I have become a big fan of Cucumber Water. You simply slice cucumbers and add it to the water you are going to drink. Google it (or use your favorite search engine) to see the possible benefits and variations of making it.

I have a couple of pictures from one of our gardeners. They are keeping the weeds down and look at those lovely plants.