We had a great workshop today! More than 20 people were in attendance for our Organic Gardening Workshop. Our brand spanking new Bell County Extension Agent, Aaron Redmond, was our instructor. The handouts he worked from were clear and concise. He did a wonderful job answering questions. Previously most of our gardeners didn’t care much for the new fangled notion of organic gardening(a paraphrased quote) but this group actually had people that are already using organic practices. Those still new to the concepts were eager to know more.

Soil sample testing results were distributed. Aaron stayed after the workshop to go over the findings with several of the recipients.

We shared with Aaron the information about the fertilizers we can get through Grow Appalachia. He wants to take a better look at it when he gets back to the office.

Plants, seeds, and other items were acquired by those who were able to come to the workshop. Aaron was able to observe some of the gardeners picking out the plants and the seeds that would best serve them and their families. He was astonished by all of the choices we were able to provide.