Blog for April 2022

It is good to be back to seeing my old friends that I have been meeting with for the last
7-8 years, and making friends with the new gardeners. We’ve missed seeing each other
during the pandemic.

We are excited to get to planting and canning. Some already have a few things in the
ground like potatoes, onions, cabbage, and a few other things that can withstand cold
and snowy weather, which we can’t seem to get rid of.

We have several new gardeners this year, replacing some of the people who have been
with us, but are unable to do much gardening due to their health. Young people,
Widows, Widowers, and others who seem to know quite a lot about gardening have
joined, and I believe they will do an excellent job- in fact, one wants to learn to can.
We have potatoes and fertilizer, and I have ordered canning supplies, so we are on our
way. Hopefully, we can have several canning classes. Dana, from WVU Extension
office will be the person doing our canning workshops. Her first workshop will be teaching
the fundamentals of canning, how to use a pressure canner, and how to sterilize all the

While its women who usually can, this year we have several men who plan to learn as
well. Several Gardeners freeze a lot of vegetables, they would rather freeze their
vegetables than can them.

Everyone is excited about getting started. I know if we give out plants this early, they
will be put in the ground, and we could have another light frost. They cost too much for
this to happen. This year I believe we have more women than men. We know they will
enjoy the program, they are very appreciative of Grow Appalachia, and enjoy our
meetings and fellowship with each other.

Bea Sias