A New Journey

Good morning, all,

As I embrace this new journey in Grow Appalachia, I’m excited to watch the process of my gardener’s crops grow along with me in the program. A little history about myself I have a big heart for animals and helping animals that don’t get a fair chance in life. They don’t have a voice to express their feelings, so I wanted to be an advocate for them, to be in their corner. I came from working in the Veterinary Field for 12 years. I started when I was 13 years old and worked my way up the ladder with working every position you can think of from Kennel Assistant to Surgery Tech. I thought that was the path for me in life. But unexpectedly life shows us the growth we are missing out on. As like in my gardener’s garden they don’t know what the soil is lacking without doing a soil test first.  When we get the results back, we know how to prep the ground for it to strive and have a good production for the season to come. As for me I wanted to see what core component I was missing out in life for me to grow and prosper. This Job opened and I knew it was the part of my journey I was missing out on. Being an advocate for the gardeners that everyone seems to overlook or forget about in life. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have the food on our tables. In everyday of life, we get so busy and focused on what is going on and forget about the core root of life and the small things to be grateful for.  I want my gardeners to grow as I grow through this process. For them to be able to plant the seeds and have a garden that is overflowing with produce that will help them in their daily lives. If it is with selling in a farmers’ market or just the simple factor to feed their families or help a friend, neighbor for the year to come ahead. I want to help them grow along with me.

As you can see our gardeners are preparing the land and getting all the sticks and stones out of their way. Giving the land the proper fertilizer, it was lacking so nothing will stop the seeds for growing.