The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind whether it’s winter or spring. Last week we had both the warmest and nicest day of the season so far, followed the next day by the coldest and snowiest.

Friday we saw daffodils blooming on our hillside, forsythia blooming, the sun shining, and temperatures in the low 70’s. For many of us, our thoughts turned to getting peas, greens, radishes, green onions, and other early season crops into the ground. Fortunately, we’ve been a little slow in getting seeds this year, or that sunny day would have spelled disaster.

Saturday morning we woke up to about 8” of snow covering the poor daffodils, and it looked like a blizzard at times as the wind blew the snow that was coming down. It definitely wasn’t anywhere near 70 anymore. But the worst was yet to come. Overnight we got down to 7. Yep, you read that right. A measly, frigid 7 degrees.

However, by Monday it had warmed back up to around 60, and all the snow quickly melted. The forsythia and daffodils survived their excursion back into winter, as did our desire to put growing things into the ground. People contacted me wanting to know when we’d get started. We made plans to get potatoes for people to get into the ground within the next couple of weeks.

Our gardener numbers, just like spring flowers, are growing, and we currently have a waiting list of 20 to join the program. I think we may be in for a really good garden year.