Welcome to the 2022 growing season!  It is still unimaginable to me that we are beginning this season already.  It just seems as though we started last year’s season.  We are gearing up for what we hope is a great season.  We are hoping to come out of some of the past problems we experienced the past few years with COVID and flooding.  Our greenhouse is booming already with plants for our gardeners as well as our customers.  Phones are already ringing frequently for soil samples and plants.  We have begun preparing for orders of fertilizer, tools, canning jars, and more in order to give our gardeners the best year we can.  We take calls on an almost daily basis entertaining the idea of joining Grow Appalachia.  We hope to be able to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

Just a few seeds we have given to our gardeners are beets,


lettuce, and



We have performed numerous soil samples in order to help our clients have optimal soil for their gardens.

Currently, we are working with local hardware stores for the purchase of seed potatoes.  We have also been prepping our tractors as well as tillers for all the hard work they will be doing this year.

Every year we strive for a bigger and better Grow Appalachia gardening season, and this may very well be one of the best.  We hope that you come along for the ride.