Hello! We are new to the Grow Appalachia family but extremely excited to be part of this great program.  For the past few of months we have been learning so much and quickly placing orders for equipment, materials and seeds (not an easy task) but we are keeping our fingers crossed that everything will arrive on time we need it.  As I said we are feeling blessed,  we have been fortunate to have learned so much from he All Hands Gathering, what a great group of people.  We have learned so much from Henderson Settlement, Brittaney, Tim and Casey have been great in sharing the resources they have; where to purchase materials, their applications so we could have some ideas of how to design our own as well as giving of their time, even though I know they are super busy.  Casey has been great to take my calls, which has been numerous times and always so cheerful with great advice and words of wisdom.  I hope I can be able to repay them with their kindness.

In my next post I hopefully will have news on the progress of our participants and their gardens.  I can not wait for this years growing season and making a difference in our community through healthy home grown food.


Life begins the day you start a garden. – Chinese proverb