We’ve come to the close of a Beautiful Season! The year ended with our gardeners collecting over 32,975+ pounds of fresh produce that they either ate, sold, preserved, or gave to friends and family.
We had 3 new families sell produce at the farmers market and become what we call Market Gardeners!
One previous Market Gardener hit a record goal for selling produce and value added products for the first time since she began selling at market over 5 years ago.
This program is fun, innovative, and encourages folks to get out there and dig in the dirt! This is our new community. I’m updating forms for next year’s application and contract, but we won’t be opening that up until January, so we’re set to enjoy the holidays and dream of next year’s gardens!

We were brought the stalk of a 16′ banana tree that had begun producing small bananas. If only our growing season was a bit longer!! Or this gardener had a tall greenhouse sheltering this giant! he has fifteen other banana trees in various heights too.

We’re finding the bright red seed heads of Jack-in-the-pulpit in our hills. Such a pleasant surprise!

Our greens beds are full of kale, Florida broadleaf, turnips, and mustard. I’m looking forward to harvesting greens for a few meals this winter.

Our garden beds are tucked away until spring. Our tools are cleaned and oiled and put into the tool shed. We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Rest and plan for next year.