We have been getting some really good reports from our gardeners… of course, sometimes one may encounter a pest like cute little chipmunks digging potatoes out of a garden then sitting there to eat.  But despite having to “share” produce, our gardeners are thriving, with one gardener harvesting nearly 300 pounds of potatoes that he has shared with family, neighbors, and friends. Another had a giant head of cabbage that weighed in at over 60 pounds. 

When the weekly harvest reports are called in or messaged to me, they are full of numerous kinds of vegetables. Green beans and tomatoes are coming in, but peas are about done. I think people get excited for green beans and tomatoes to come in. Also, green beans are wanted by everyone to can or freeze or just eat. One lady has already canned about 50 quarts of green beans!

We have several new gardeners. People are wanting to can and freeze food. I was in a store Sunday looking for canning salt, and the shelves for canning items were almost empty. I think with Covid and all, people have found a new passion for growing and preserving their own food rather than relying on a freezer bag or can from the store that you have no idea what was done to the contents.

Our new gardeners are middle-aged and a few are a little older; they had really wanted to attend our workshops and talk about canning. People are really into canning food now. We talked to a lady the other day, and she and her husband have canned everything from potatoes to pinto beans. Everyone is interested in learning to can, and our gardeners talk about canning every time we are together. And everyone will definitely be interested in eating all this wonderful produce that was preserved, once winter comes.