There is a first time for everything.  In our place, this was our Food Preservation class.  We originally had this scheduled for 2 separate classes but due to a water outage in the entire county, we had to reschedule and then worked this into one class.  This was the first in-person class for our extension office since Covid began.  That sounds crazy, really.  Lot’s of things sound crazy right now.  We feel as if there was a great turnout for this class and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  Andrea Slone, Family Consume Sciences Agent from Floyd County, Ky. graciously came over to teach this class for us.  We are very thankful for her for working us into her busy schedule.  Thank you, Andrea!


In the food preservation class they did pressure canning as well as hot water bath canning.  They did green beans as well as salsa.  Each participant was given a canning manual as well as some other goodies to help them while canning at home.


Many of the participants have been taking the information they gained from this class and applying it to their canning needs at home, many of which are first time canners as well.


We also were very thankful that we were able to purchase pressure canners for these participants in order to aid them in their endeavors at home. Garden season is busy right now and we are confident they are putting these to good use.