June 2021


The month of June has started off with a variety of seeds popping out of the ground and a few vegetables are being harvested to eat and share with friends. Peas have been plentiful, and one group that provides food from their gardens to a church food pantry has harvested 20 pounds of peas and several pounds of lettuce and onions. They also have a large, raised bed for strawberries, and the vines were full of berries, They harvested approximately three pounds that were then given to the elderly in the community.

Of course, lettuce and green onions are the main course for most when their garden is starting to bear good food.  The gardeners are pleased with all the plants and seeds that we have given them.  Most of them are planting twice as much as they normally do.  I always get the same remark from them: prices are outrageous, they cannot pay the price some stores want for an item.   

The Fresh Start Organization is in the process of starting a Farmer’s Market in a couple of weeks.  Anyone can reserve a place for their items at no charge to them, and several gardeners have already signed up to sell.  Several local people are going to participate, and hopefully this project will continue each year. 

Some gardeners get anxious about their potatoes because everyone is proud of those potato vines and so just must check underneath those vines and found small potatoes. They just need to be patient and let those potatoes have a chance to grow.

Soon some things will be getting really busy, and weather will also be hot and hard to work in, but it will happen, and the harvest of all that good food will be great reward for the gardeners.