One thing that’s really grown this year is our private Facebook community.  It can only grow so big in numbers because it is restricted to our own gardeners.  However, the level engagement and the way our gardeners are using it is proving to be a tremendous asset for me as the site coordinator! Not only do our returning gardeners bring their knowledge and experience, they bring example … a variety of example, unfolding almost real time. The FB community has also become the most efficient way to answer questions and troubleshoot pests & diseases. So while we’re getting to know each other and having fun, we’re also building up a very regional gardening database that can be searched and used by future program members.

Here’s a look back through the past six weeks … May through Mid June 2021. The poster comments remain though I did remove their names and profile pics. There was a lot to cull through and I kept it mostly to actual program member’s photos.