Our first harvests have finally started picking up here in Knott and Perry counties. I think a lot of us feel like we got a late start to the season, between the cold, floods, and those ever persistent rabbits, but our harvests of early spring crops are hitting their highs and weaning away as our newly planted summer crops start to take up our time and attention. This month, I’d like to feature a few of our Growers, their hard work, and some of their harvests.

James and Connie Holliday have had a great start to their harvest with big, beautiful heads of broccoli and cabbage.

Hollidays' garden 2021

Is there anything better than those first peas popping out and into your bucket?! Below are some of Nadine Waddell’s, Wanda Brown’s, and my own peas from our gardens this season.

Shirley Watts’s spring onions this season have spring sprang sprung! These were two of her harvests so far.

And these, showing the glamor of green onions on a soup bean night, some of Cathy and Jen’s harvest!

I’ve been with Grow App for a few weeks now, and already the best part has been getting to know our Growers and seeing their gardens flourish. So looking forward to all of the growing to come this season and being a part of the community that makes it all happen!