Sean Tormoehlen/UT Scott County Extension Agent gave a wonderful presentation on insects.  “Insects The Good ,The Bad and The Crawly”.  This is the link to view the video:


Sean also talked about TN Smart yards  Keeping TN’s land and water healthy, one yard at a time. This is the link: This link is to a database that contains information on native plants for Tennessee with additional information for each specific species listed. It is a great resource if you are looking for native plants.

This is a reminder to check out UT TSU Extension Scott County Facebook and McCreary County Extension Facebook.  You can find information on upcoming events and information about both Farmer’s Markets.  Here is one of McCreary County Extension’s post:

The Brood X Cicada, which only comes around once every 17 years, has been spotted in McCreary County (pictures courtesy of a local who is also a Grow Appalachia participant)! We will be sharing lots of cicada information in the days to come so stay tuned. In the meantime, what does the average homeowner have to worry about in regards to gardens, landscaping, etc.? In short, not much. These insects will not eat your garden plants or munch on your flowers, they are not pests. They do not bite or sting humans, and they do not carry diseases. They could, however, harm young trees when the females lay their eggs in the tree’s new growth. If you have a young tree in your yard, you can loosely wrap the branches with cheesecloth or a net to keep the female from laying her eggs.

Despite there already being sightings in McCreary County, we aren’t expected to see a lot of them in this area. If you DO spot them, you can help by being a citizen scientist! You can report sightings by either messaging the Kentucky Bugs page, or downloading the Cicada Safari app to post your find. More info to come!


This is a wonderful video you can watch on Facebook titled “Chickens!” on McCreary County Extension Facebook.  These boys are participants of Grow Appalachia.  Their mom shared with me that they will be attending a summer program at the Hindman Settlement School.  It made me smile to think about how Grow Appalachia reaches out to families.


Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, we didn’t actually establish the answer for that particular question, but these three young 4-H members can certainly answer all other chicken questions. Today Ms. Ashley had the opportunity to check out a chicken farm with Joah, John & Dominic. These guys are very knowledgeable chicken caretakers. Follow along as they take us through all the basics of feeding, watering, gathering eggs, pecking order, communication, handling, habitat & daily care.

Look for our future program with Joah, John & Dominic when they come back to assist us in hatching our own eggs in an incubator.

Here are some veggies from their garden that did not come in a box!

June 5th opening day for Scott County Farmer’s Market from 9-2.  Vendors, activities and food trucks, Come out and shop local.

McCreary County Farmer’s Market

Opens May 15, 2021

Saturdays from 9 – 12

  1. The Saturday market will be located at the Soil Conservation garage on Wilburn K Ross Highway in Whitley City. Opening day is May 15thand goes through the end of September. The Wednesday market will be in front of Kristina’s Kitchen on Main Street in Whitley City, opening day for that is June 16th and will just be for the summer (I believe through August).
  2. Hours of operation will be:  Saturdays beginning May 15thfrom 9 AM-12 PM, Wednesdays beginning June 16th from 3:30 – 5:30PM.

If anyone needs info on membership or setting up a table let us know.