Whew! What a busy month April was. We had our biggest material pick up of the year that included: seeds, plants, fertilizer, trellising materials, potatoes and tools. Normally we do two different pick ups but this year, our orders came in late so we had to group them together. Luckily it went off without a hitch and everyone is now happily planting.

All About our YouTube Channel

We have also been busy bees recording video content for our YouTube channel. In April we posted a bunch of videos to better help our gardeners understand the content we teach in webinars. Visual learning can be a game changer! Never underestimate how valuable it is to understand How to Read a Seed Packet. For many of us, this isn’t even something we think about learning, but for a beginner gardener, it’s invaluable information they likely haven’t had access to. We also filmed a basic video on How to Trellis in Your Garden. This a simple way to trellis with t-posts, hortonova netting, and zip ties. Being able to see us pound in t-posts and attach hortonova netting helps gardeners to copy what they see and set up their trellising correctly. Other videos we posted in April include: 8 Tools You Need for Your Garden and What to Know Before Planting Potatoes.

Yesterday we posted a video All About Planting Your Crops Directly Into the Ground. In this video, Lexy talks about burning holes into landscape fabric, distributing fertilizer, and general tips for new plants.

Later this month we plan to film videos on pest control i.e. how to dilute and use it on your plants. We will also be filming about sweet potatoes and the Florida weave method for tomatoes. YouTube videos are a fun and easy way to keep our gardeners engaged and constantly learning. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay connected!