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By: Tanya Begley

SPRING! Can we say it any louder? We are seeing green everywhere and could not be any happier. It is a further sign of hope and growth. Literally and figuratively. Our “green thumbs” are already at work in the gardens, the fields, and anywhere we can find a place to plant.

In this April 2021 edition of our blog, we will stand in awe as spring flourishes before us in all it is new wonder. As we do each month, we will give growing season tips and tricks for spring crops, and planting and maybe a recipe, craft or “life hack” or two. We hope that you enjoy them and find them useful.

 We wish to highlight some happenings around the county, local resources, and farmers that want to invite you to come see what they have to offer. Please feel free to contact me at  if you or your event would like to be featured in our blog.

Soil Testing

“Preparing the soil is an important first step in any successful vegetable garden. Ideally this space would be south-facing so that it receives plenty of sunshine. The soil should be fertile and well-drained. The pH should be between 6.2 and 6.8. If you have not had your soil tested, you can do this through the County Cooperative Extension Service. The results will indicate if you need to amend your soil with any fertilizer or lime.”



Earth-day 2021 School Spotlight

OCES 4th-grade prepared their #appharvest containers for Romain Lettuce in honor of #EarthDay2021 . These were provided in collaboration with #SaveTheChildren . Students will measure growth of their lettuce each week as well as water consumption. They also learned all their tools were sustainable and can be used again & again!

We hope you have enjoyed this months Owsley County Farm To School -Grow Appalachia Blog. We would love to feature local farming and events around the community. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you have going on. We will close with a yummy “Sprigs in a blanket” Recipe sure to please!

Happy Growing,

Mrs. B♥