One really neat thing about being in our second year with the garden grant, is that we have examples from last year to draw on. As it turns out, it’s way easier to talk about garden plans with first time gardeners if you have a bunch of examples of garden plans!! Drawing on last years example of garden plans and seed calculations have made my job as an educator much easier. I think my workshops are better as a result as well.

Asking my gardeners to post their ‘home work’ in our private Facebook group has also been a great tool. This technique has been good to encourage gardeners to get their homework done on time and done well  … a little competition goes a long way! Seeing everyone’s garden plans and other homework also give us a better sense of community even though we are still not back to in-person workshops.

These are example of the garden plans posted in our Facebook community. Fellow site coordinators, please feel free to use these if you need education content.