We were ahead for a moment, then we were neck and neck, then ahead again, and then full stop. Whoa.

We were able to order our tools and found canners early on, no scrambling at the last minute this year. We were so excited. Food dehydrators became an issue though, but just in the nick of time, we received an email from Elora Overbey with a lead to find a really good one.

We had a full contingent of gardeners when more applications came in from Henderson Settlements Community Services Dept. The applicants had been told they were in the program, we could not tell them otherwise so we added them to the list. Initial garden visits have been made so we have lists of the needs they have, for example: tilling, soil samples, what veggie seeds or plants they would like to have, etc. So seeds and onion sets are ready too.

Checking in at the HS Greenhouses we found out that our cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower plants are looking great, ready for early distribution. Tomato and pepper plants look good too. They are small now but by last frost date they will be ready.

We also contacted our local extension office and got the wonderful news that they will be doing in person workshops again. Soil samples can be dropped off and are free of charge. The Bell County Farm Bureau picks up the tab for them.

All was looking good and then…

Seed potatoes although ordered early became a definite whoa. Unable to track their progress we made phone calls and sent emails to no avail.  Weeks went by and we really started to worry. We like to distribute all of the early items at one time. This is to save people making multiple trips.  Some have to drive quite a distance and others have to plan around work schedules too. Well not to leave you hanging we just got a call today that they are in and we could go and get them today.  We were on it like a chicken on a June bug.

We are good to go with starting the early distributions next week.

So… On our mark, get set, GO!