Most of our growers are transitioning from tree fruits to vegetables at the moment.  Those who have apple and pear trees have done their grafting and pruning, and now they’re thinking of the garden soil prep.

In order to maintain safe numbers for our apple grafting this year, we broke that into four separate workshops, and several of our Grow Appalachia family participated.

It was 88-year-old Grace who contacted me about doing a special grafting workshop on her carport, so I was happy to do that after our “official” workshops were complete.  She said she and a friend wanted to learn, so I planned for a two-person gather.  Grace called back and said she had talked to a couple more people who were interested, so then we were up to four.  A third time, she mentioned that a professor at the local college would like to learn to graft apples.  “Is it ok if I invite him?”

“Of course.”

So four Grow Appalachia participants grafted apples on Grace’s carport, and the professor signed up for Grow Appalachia before he left.