Here in Wayne, WV we’re responding to historic flooding in March of 2021, on the heels of historic ice storms in February, just weeks before, following a year of a global pandemic, during a multi-year downturn in the post-coal economy, in a region with too many families devastated by nearly a decade of an opioid epidemic.

How are we responding, you ask? By standing together with our brothers and sisters & growing more of our own food, fiber, & fuel!

Natural disasters are becoming less of an anomaly these days, and more of the norm. Instead of burying our heads or running away, our game plan is to dig our heels in (and hands, and plows, and pitch forks) even deeper.

Climate change or no climate change, the facts remain that every waking day will present its own, unique set of challenges. Be it familial, financial, weather related or political, adversity and hardship are almost certain for all of us.

We hold the belief that despite these known challenges, the very least we can do is set our selves up for success to preserve. To be prepared. To be more self reliant. To build community that holds us up when we need help and to help our neighbors when they’re in need.

At the heart of Grow Wayne’s Grow Appalachia program, behind all the seeds, garden tools, and workshops, that’s what we’re all about. Growing a Resilient Community!

If you want to read more about all the success we enjoyed as a program site in year one – check out the blog from last year as we wrapped up our season.

If you’d like to be a statistic in the positive shift we’re creating in our region, sign up here to join us in this endeavor. If you’re not ready for the full commitment, but like the idea of building community, consider volunteering to support one of our community garden sites or helping facilitate one of various farmer’s market outlets by sending us an email at . 

Our Grow Wayne program will kick off this month with our first workshop on March 16th on Organic Garden Planning. Participants will be invited to join us via zoom and supply pick ups will be at the Twelvepole Trading Post in Wayne later in the month.