Hello everyone! Coming to you live from Build It Up East Tennessee where we are starting our 8th season with Grow Appalachia. This year is special because we were able to up our intake to 50 gardeners, both new and returning which is our largest program yet! We will be conducting all of our workshops online this year via Zoom and recording each session to post on our YouTube channel.

New this year and to up our engagement, we are recording 3-5 minute videos 1-2 times a month on relevant gardening information. These topics will tie into our blogs and newsletter. Out goal is to get the most information out to our gardeners and followers. This month’s videos are all about seed starting! Check out this link if you want to see what equipment you need. And check out this link for soils and fertilizer for seed starting.

Later in the month we’ll cover another important topic which is how to read a seed packet. If you’re a beginning gardener, you may not know what all the planting jargon on seed packets means. But it’s actually really important information to have in your back pocket.  It especially helps when garden planning which is what each of our gardeners are doing right now.

Here is the link to our YouTube channel if you want to check them out. Subscribe to see more of our videos!