Bea Sias
Step by Step, Logan West Virginia

October is Apple Butter month in our area. I have never made or helped make apple butter, but
October 10th, I will get to help several families in Lincoln County make apple butter. They told me
that they would have seven bushels of apples to peel.

I don’t believe that we will make it like their past families did years ago. Everything is modern and up to date, instead of horses bridled up to walk around the kettle to stir the apples that are cooking. A large copper kettle that was passed down from parents to one of the siblings that will also be helping make the apple butter will be used. There will be several families in this project like it used to be when they were youngsters growing up. We will use large paddles like boat oars to stir the apples. I really don’t care how we make it, I just want to watch and learn.

This will be an all-day event, bringing family and friends together for a few days of fellowship
and have fun, also, I am told a large spread of food will be there to feed everyone. This is going to
be a fun day working and laughing.

Also, with holidays approaching soon I have friends, neighbors, and shut-ins that I like to give a gift to,
but they do not need anything. I take a large gift bag, make it very pretty and I put several jars of
homemade vegetables, such as beans, tomatoes, pickles and Jellies, and anything else like
homemade cookies. They will appreciate this more than a gift they do not need.

If this apple butter event is not canceled, I hope to send pictures of the all-day event.