Many of our gardeners have had a great growing season.  They have been faced with many hurdles and challenges but have still managed to come out on top.  As this growing season winds down, many are preparing for next year already.  Some are still working on their harvest canning, which is coming to an end.  Some have begun to prepare their garden beds for next year by turning over the ground and also planting winter wheat. We have had several request soil samples to prepare the earth for next years’ bounty.  They are clearing their old plants in preparation or spring. Many have been using their pumpkins and fodder for decorating as well as selling those items to their neighbors.  One thing is for sure, in gardening, you use all of your resources.  Many are still digging potatoes, harvesting peppers, pumpkins, squash, kale, and more.




One of the favorite items currently with our gardeners is apples.  Many are harvesting their apples and making apple butter.  Imagine the smell coming from their kitchens, apples, cinnamon, and butter.  What a great combination.  Oh, and let’s not forget apple pies.  Not to mention the pumpkins for pies, the squash for roasting or soups, as well as zucchini.  Fall tends to lend to an array of wonderful dishes.


As we enter the end of Harvest, we look forward to a new year with Grow Appalachia and our gardeners.  Stay tuned until next year.