Scott Christian Care in partnership with the UT/TSU Scott County Extension Office and Big South Fork Master Gardeners Club have installed our first demonstration garden here at our new location.

This garden was built by volunteer Bill Moore from recycled materials. Heat treated pallets and reclaimed 2×4’s were used to build the 4×8 bed.  Due to the bed sitting on asphalt, the bottom was triple lined with 6 mil plastic to reduce the risk of harmful contaminates leaching into the soil, and produce. Drainage holes were drilled through the sides and plastic 2 inches up from the bottom to allow for adequate drainage.  A low tunnel will be added to this raised bed during the coldest months to allow year round gardening.   Plants, mushroom compost and labor were donated by a member of the Big South Fork Master Gardener Club.


Scott Christian Care Center operates Food Pantry services for the community on Tuesdays.  The placement of this bed is near the front door of the Food Pantry.  Our goal, is that this garden project will help demonstrate and encourage our participants that they can grow fresh vegetables all year long helping to provide more stable food security in their homes.

Amber Minor, Director and FCS Agent along with Teressa Honeycutt TNCEP Program assistant, both from the Scott County Extension Office, will use the fresh produce raised to prepare healthy dishes and provide samples and printed recipes on food distribution days.  We are all hopeful that this will encourage participants to try new foods and promote a diet rich in fresh vegetables.  A free spring workshop is being scheduled which will including, building a pallet raised bed frame, gardening 101 class and free seed bundles.

Teressa had her garden plan drawn out and then she began to plant.  She planted Vates Kale, Dinosaur Kale, Spinach, Beets, Red Chard, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Green Kolrabi and Purple Kolrabi.  Under the cardboard is planted carrots and radishes.