Can I speak for anyone else?  I love this time of the year.  The weather changes, the air is crisp and you can feel the change.  It brings excitement to my soul.  To me it is what I almost feel like Heaven would feel like.  I have often thought about this.

For gardeners, it may feel like that to them too.  For many, it brings the end of their season but for others it brings a new start to Fall crops like kale, mustard, cabbage, radish and turnips.  It is a wonderful time to plant as the temperature is not so hot and there is a nice feel in the air.  This also brings a time for many to clear their gardens and prepare for their spring gardens.  Most of all for many, it is a season of harvest.  Many are harvesting pumpkins, potatoes, the last of their corn and other wonderful crops.  Many continue to process their Harvest crops to make use for them this Winter.

This Harvest has been a great one for our gardeners.  Of those reporting their Harvest totals, they have produced around 16,800 pounds of produce.  That means a lot of meals and food for our small, rural community.

As many will prepare for their Fall garden, some will look forward to reaping their rewards this Winter with their canned goods.  We have included a few more photos from our gardeners for you to enjoy.  We Hope you Enjoy the start of the Fall season.