I’m sure you have heard that phrase, “Keep Them Coming Back for More.”  Well, this year, I have learned a few things about the value of organic gardening.  Now, I have heard so many different thoughts, I can’t remember them all, but I heard enough that I want to come back for more.

Value of Organic

When I first heard of organic gardening, I thought it was just the tree-huggers agenda.  I continued to use  the materials that my dad used, synthetic fertilizer and Seven dust.  I never really thought about the effect which these might have on the soil in which I was growing my garden.

Even last year, when I acquired the organic supplies from Grow Appalachia, I used them, but never really thought about the need for organic gardening.  I was only using the supplies which were provided.  I wanted a better garden, so I used what was suggested.  

Since I became a part of Grow Appalachia, I have become interested in many different aspects of gardening.  I have begun to investigate things like Permaculture and Hugelkulture.  I have watched many videos on things like building soil, and composting.  It was while watching those videos, I began to learn some of the reasons why organic gardening is beneficial.

Dangers of Inorganic

In those videos, I learned that using bug killers like Seven dust damages your growing environment.  These chemical killers are great at what they do.  They kill the pest.  However, they also kill the beneficial insects which aid in the growth of your garden.

Another lesson which I learned is the harm which inorganic fertilizers do to the soil.  These fertilizers change your soil.  I think they raise the salt level in your soil.  They are not building your soil, they are destroying it.  With organic fertilizers, you build the soil.  When adding these to the garden you add the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth.  You also amend the soil.

Life Below the Surface

This spring I started watching Youtube vidoes by people who are homesteaders and those with food forests.  On these videos, I began to hear words like, mycorrhizal fungi, hyphae, and arbuscular.  These words are used to describe the life which is in the soil.  The life which is in your soil is used to give life to your garden and plants.  It is interesting to know that the health of your soil can be determined by things like how much life you can see in your soil.  You know, are worms present?

Anyway, I am no expert on any of this.  However, through my involvement with Grow Appalachia, I have learned enough to keep me coming back for more.  I want to learn more about the health of soil. 

This year I have learned much.  I have started composting.  I learned that you can add your natural kitchen scrapes directly to the garden, just dig an hole and bury them.  This is great to add organic matter to the soil which creates a lose, fertile soil.

Yes, I have learned enough to keep me coming back for more. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how I learned about core gardening.  Maybe, your interest will be piqued too.  Maybe this blog post will have just enough information to keep you coming back for more.