By: Tanya Begley

August is the peak of harvest season. A time for cooking, canning, freezing, drying, and storing, goods. A time of reaping the proud harvest of fruits and vegetables that we have sewn throughout the summer. Growing, enjoying the fruits of our labors is something simple and amazing we can hold onto even in these trying times. Something passed down from the beginning of civilization that we rely on no matter what the circumstance. What a blessing we behold in nature’s gifts!
In this August 2020 edition of our blog we continue to happily share with you tips and tricks for things you and yours can do right at your own homes/farms and gardens. We will also highlight some happenings around the county, local resources, and farmers that want to invite you to come see what they have going on.
Happy harvest season,
Mrs. B


By: Alan Taylor

This is the time of year that most garden crops are finishing their growth cycles and beginning to produce lower yields.  Much of the preservation of these crops is completed.  Most beans have been canned, frozen, or dehydrated.  Corn has been frozen or canned, tomatoes have been processed into juice or preserved whole.  Cucumbers have been processed for pickles, and melons have been eaten.

Many people utilize this time to harvest potatoes that have not already been harvested. Watermelons are still growing and ripening.  Many of the garden vegetables can be processed into chow-chow.  This is a combination of left-over vegetables in the garden that are combined and canned together. 

 Now is the time to transplant fall cabbage and broccoli.   Cover crops can be seeded, and soil tests can be performed to determine nutrients needed for next year’s garden. 

 Late green beans and corn are still in abundance for people who chose to plant them for a late garden.  Pumpkins and cushaws as well as other winter squash are nearing harvest. Shelling beans that are used for soup beans are ready to dehydrate and store for later consumption.

We can now begin to plan for the gardening projects that we intend to pursue next year.

Farmers Spotlight: Patricia Montgomery & Family

Owsley’s own Patricia Montgomery and family were nice enough to let us share their beautiful display from their booth at the Owsley County Farmer’s Market for this month’s Farmer’s spotlight. It takes many long hours, hard work and gardening love to have such a great display! Thank you to the Montgomery family for letting us share your hard work.