Hello! We are here to look at your garden.

We have said this greeting numerous times in the past few weeks. Garden visits are one of my favorite parts of Grow Appalachia. I am amazed and sometimes amused at the different ways people plant their gardens. No two gardens are alike, just as varied as the people who tend to them.

I am amused at how some underestimate the power and growth potential of a climbing bean plant. Multiply that by the number of beans in a row and the number of rows, you wonder if you planted Kudzu by mistake.  Rows become a massive hedge to be conquered and eventually picked. The beans seem to enjoy thwarting our efforts to pick them.

Cucumbers, depending on the variety, seem to have just as much fun taking over.  I was happy to find out that I am not the only one to think I have picked all the cucumbers that are ready only to walk back down the row to find one that should have been picked the time before plus several that I just missed. Arg!

Most all of our gardeners so far are pleased with their gardens. (Despite the number of weeds that may be lurking.) One gentleman, a first time gardener, has just moved into our service area. He is so excited with the produce from his garden. He told us of the different ways he has combined items to make tasty meals for himself. He tells us he is waiting patiently for his corn to be ready. I would like to share all of the stories but I must be going We still have several to visit yet.

We will sharing just a few of the pictures taken during our visits. If I shared all of them, you might be here for some time.