One of the many things that I have grown to love about this my summer here is that no day is quite the same as any other. I have loved the opportunities to visit the Grow Wise gardens and talk to the people who are putting the effort into growing them. This week, I was able to work with some of the Grow Wise participants, as well as some of the Master Naturalists and Master Gardeners, to move some of the raised beds outside of the office. We were able to take the square beds, remove the rotted boards, and move them to a more suitable location. I’m excited to say that one of the beds is already planted with sunflowers and tomatoes thanks to one of the participants. Being able to spend the morning with everyone, talking and working together, let me get to know them better. I know I enjoyed it immensely, even despite the heat and the abundance of ants we found in a couple of the beds.

That’s not to say that my garden visits have stopped, however. Yesterday, I spent the morning at a few gardens of some of the 4-H kids. I was honestly impressed with their excitement and the things that they had accomplished. I am pretty sure that a couple of them are already turning out to be better gardeners than I am! It was great to see them investing the time into a garden of their own. Hopefully next week I will have some pictures to share from a couple of Grow Wise visits, since I know that people have been able to start harvesting. Until then, I hope everyone has a good weekend!