Bloom Where You Are Planted.

This can mean so much to so many.  To me, it is to make the most out of what you have been handed or given.  As humans, we are not always happy or content with what we are given and we constantly seek to want or think we need more.  In the present pandemic situation, this can bring about uncertainty.  However, if we take the situation at hand and try to make the good out of what we have been given, this can be encouraging and satisfying to many around us.  Our gardeners this year have taken the situation they have been handed and have run with it.  Many are first time gardeners and some are pros.  All have been eager at gardening and growing their own fruits and vegetables this year.  As stated previously, this is the largest group we have had, with over 50 participants.  All participants have been very helpful with each other with offering tips and actually helping with their gardens.  We have been truly blessed with some great laborers and plowers this year.  These guys and gals have truly bloomed where they were planted.  Many are lifelong residents of Martin County and have been active in the extension service for a long time.  We are greatly appreciative of their help and wealth of knowledge.

Raymond Jude is a first time participant in our program; however, he is a diligent worker and retired from the Martin County Water District.  He has helped many with getting their garden plowed as well as laying out their rows.  Here he is with his cauliflower he grew.







These gardeners are starting to reap the benefits of all of their hard work as shown above in some of the crops they are harvesting this year.


Fulfilling the needs of all the gardeners this year has been a more daunting task but we have managed to do so as best as we can.  There have been lots of phone calls, text messages and visits to ensure everyone is getting what they need.

We are very thankful in Martin County to have been given the opportunity to be a participant in the Grow Appalachia Program.  It has helped this small county in so many ways, and will continue to as long as it is available.  To those who have overseen this program, we thank you for the opportunity to Bloom Where We are Planted!