Bea Sias, Step by Step
Logan County, WV

Recently we gave out plants in the Man, WV area from 9:00-12:30. We wore masks, used lots of hand sanitizer, and delivered to people in their cars. Gardeners were able to come and get plants such as cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, and others. We enjoyed getting to talk to all our friends we’ve made about workshops and gardening in general. Afterward, we went on to Logan, WV. to give gardeners in the Logan area their plants, and again, we enjoyed being able to chat with people who have become friends.

There are more gardeners in Logan than Man. Many gardeners learned from their ancestors how to and when to plant certain vegetables. People who had gardens had them to help stretch food budgets because most were coal miners, and wages back in those days were not anything like how they pay.

Next week we plan to give out more plants. Due to the weather being so unpredictable the plants are not germinating quickly or growing quickly. Hopefully, though, these plants will thrive and produce well for our gardeners.

The coronavirus has gotten people scared about food prices going too high and unaffordable for most. So, many people have approached us about gardening and to learn how to can or freeze food. We are pleased to have eleven new gardeners this year, wish I could have been able to take a few more. As the evening news was on last week, I noticed that freezers and canning jars are in great demand.

It really pays everyone to stock up on food if you can do so, and a garden is one-way people can do this. A garden is a lot of hard work, but, at the end, when the vegetables start growing on the vines it is well worth it. Some gardeners are growing for the extended family so that they have access to healthy food. An example of this is one of my gardeners who has raised a large garden in the past, helped his wife can and freeze all the vegetables, so when the children came home for holidays or other times, she loaded all of them up with good healthy food to take home. They and others are doing that again, as well as sharing with others who for whatever reason cannot garden.

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