Since we haven’t been able to meet in person, we’ve been chatting about our gardens on Facebook.  Here are a few excerpts shared by our gardeners:

Succession Planting

  • replanting beets and spinach in the last part of summer

  • We want to succession some lettuce and kale, as we eat these A LOT

  • I will be doing succession crops of corn and beets

  • I will be planting succession crops of corn and lettuce, and fall crops will be spinach, broccoli and kale

  • I’ll be doing a few different succession plantings of radishes, bush beans and greens.

My spring crop of space spinach is going strong! It’s out performing the bloomsdale that I usually plant.


  • we use compost we make from rabbit poop

  • We’ve been using the chicken poo when we clean out the coops

  • I ‘ll use fish emulsion and comfrey nettle compost tea to fertilize

  • I am making compost, harvesting leaves in the fall.

  • I applied lots of manure- based compost last spring

  • We added some coffee grounds, coconut coir, eggshells, compost and the fertilizer we got from high rocks when we tilled the garden.

  • I dump my ashes from my wood stove on my plot during the winter

I do have a new bug control plan this year-10 red hens and a beautiful rooster!

a little hard work, love and perseverance makes all the difference