“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”  Joyce Kilmer describes in this poem “Trees” the beauty of a tree.  What is beautiful to you?  The beauty of creation has always been prevalent in the art world.  Artists write poems, paint landscapes, and snap pictures of  nature.  Each artist has his own concept of what is beautiful.

To me, a freshly worked garden is beautiful.  During these months of the year, gardens are beginning to grow.  The gardener spends hours in the field removing weeds and making his trellis.  He has begun to benefit from his hours of labor.  The strawberries have ripened.  The lettuce and onions have been wilted and consumed.  Broccoli is beginning to sprout.  And yes, those pesky bugs have started to make their appearance.  

During these days, where can you find the gardener?  You can often find him in the garden.  He is there with his hoe, his hose, or harvest.  He is working on his masterpiece.

The artist who writes about nature, has only words to create beauty.  The artist uses the swipes of his brush and imagination to paint for us his concept of beauty.  The photographer utilizes his skill to capture that which the master artist has designed for us in creation.  

The gardener is also skilled in creating beauty.  He uses his creativity to create the landscape of his garden. Until I began in Grow Appalachia, I was unaware of the importance of garden planning.  I also thought that marigolds were just pretty add ons to the garden.  Who knew the function they provide in the garden.  The gardener also provides beauty by keeping the weeds away.  His sweat equity is valuable in creating the beautiful picture of a weedless garden. 

The gardener is no less the creator of beauty than the poet, artist, or photographer.  How did you answer the question, “What is beautiful?”  Did you think of a poem, a painting or a picture?  Let me challenge you to see the beauty in the work of your local gardener.  Drive around the community,  See the beauty which the gardeners in your community have worked to create.  Maybe, you too will be able to answer like me when you are asked, “What is beautiful?”, that you consider a freshly worked garden as beautiful.