We have the beginnings of an amazing garden grant program here at Central Services in Morristown, TN. It’s our first year but our gardeners are fantastic and they have the gardens to prove it!

But what makes great gardens … gardeners that ask a lot of questions!  After working through the same questions over and over through text & email, often covering important information for any gardener, we started a Facebook group to maximize these learning experiences. We’re helping each other solve problems daily, really getting to know each other and flattening out that learning curve.

Here’s a short list of topics discussed and a photo scroll through our social media!

  • Showing off all that hard work!
  • Shared connections & resources: extra seeds, seedlings, plants and other resources … including chickens!
  • Shared information: With shortages in seeds & supplies it’s been a place to share where items are in stock.
  • Bugs & plant damage! So far we’re seeing potato beetles, flea beetles, aphids and slugs.
  • Discouraging snacky animals: Deer, raccoons, skunks, ground hogs!
  • Diseases: So far just powdery mildew.
  • Planting issues: Beans sown too early for our cooler than usual spring, issues with heavy rain and amending clay & sandy soil.
  • Weeding tools, sprayers, mulching materials, composting, garden hacks.