Taters are a growin‘.  What a perfect title.  As I was scrolling through our Grow Appalachia Facebook Group, I came across one of our gardeners posting this on his potatoes that were growing.  They looked mighty fine I might say.  I decided at that point to base the June blog upon this caption.

This year has been a crazy year, I think we most can agree.  However, our gardening is staying the same except for one thing, besides not having our meetings in person due to the current pandemic.  We have an increased number of gardeners this year.   Some are seasoned gardeners and some are new to the gardening field.  To date we have 49 participants plus their family who may also be helping or reaping the benefits of this program.  One thing is for sure, I have noticed that all are eager to help each other and offer advice to those who are new to gardening and even to those who have gardened before.  I think we all can stand to learn a thing or two.

While not only are the taters the only thing growing, I must say our gardeners are growing some great looking crops this year.  Here are a few photos to prove that.


I myself have been trying to learn as much about the gardening world as possible.  Every Wednesday I tune into the Webinar Wednesday offered through UK via Zoom or Facebook live.  I encourage you to watch also.  I have learned so much from this.  https://www.facebook.com/events/522387538423577/

I grew up with parents who always gardened and I was “made” to help in this.  I use that word in quotations because well as you can expect as with most kids, they sure didn’t want to be gardening.  There were other things I wanted to do; however, at this time in my life, I am glad for parents that did make me garden.  I learned a lot from my parents from this.  You see, not only are the “Taters Growin'”, but we are also growing.  I was growing as a child.  We are growing in knowledge and friendship in this group.  Many of these members may have not been acquainted or even known each other but as they are gardening in this pandemic and helping each other, they are growing friendships and so much more.  I hope that during this year’s growing season, we all can continue to grow like the taters are.