We hear the news of how the world struggles. It is pulled one way and another by what ever current issue is taking the headlines. We feel for these issues and are concerned for the people of the world. Here in our small part of the world we seem very calm compared to what we hear and see going on. My simplistic thought in all this is, that if everyone had a garden to tend wouldn’t they be as happily busy as we are?

We have focused our concerns on the well being of our gardeners. Listening to their worries, solving problems, and seeing to their needs. Providing tilling were needed and as the rain allowed. Finding a supply of and getting distributed the seed potatoes and onion sets. Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower were next. Waiting with them impatiently as the weather turned warm and we wanted to get our gardens started but the frost/freeze date was still looming in the future. Then when the last freeze passed we hit the ground running. The plants and seeds grown in the greenhouse were ready to be passed out and out the door they went. Currently we are supplying the rope and twine Tim has twirled, along with the t-posts. (See Video.) We can hardly wait to make home visits, at a safe distance still, to see how everything is growing.

In the midst of all of this activity Tim has been preparing the community gardens. The next big project will be the installation of holding tanks to collect water that is currently causing an erosion problem and turn it into proper irrigation. You can see the tanks in the background. We hope to start planting soon. Last year we were unable to plant the community garden until mid July and it did really well despite the erosion issues.

I hope you can tell that we enjoy assisting the 35+ gardeners that are participating in this years program. Our gardeners seem to be enjoying it too.

So if everyone had a garden to tend…